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How To Choose the Right Makeup for Your Acne Prone Skin

How To Choose the Right Makeup for Your Acne Prone Skin

Women have understood the importance of looks for ages. However, for people who suffer from acne as a teen or adult, one of the most common skin condition in the United States, knows the solution is not apply simple makeup to hide a breakout or red pimple. Generally speaking, no one likes a caked-on makeup look. If you want to make your pimples and acne scars disappear without drawing attention to an uneven skin tone from past breakouts, there are plenty of great ideas to help this. But the first thing is this bigger question: does makeup cause acne?

Does Makeup Cause Acne?
A study from a recent Brazilian had proved that 40% of women who have acne linked with the skin care products they were using. Makeup and acne, they're like magnets. Using makeup can cause acne, but it can also be easily avoided. Using the right products you rely on to can keep your skin looking its best, while wrong makeup can actually create more of the very blemishes you are trying to conceal. Certain types of makeup contains ingredients that can clog pores, cause acne. Additionally, if you have acne-prone skin, it’s best to remove your makeup thoroughly. When dealing with an acne or ingrown pimples that may have been by makeup, you should know the way to properly selected and used makeup.

Makeup Selection and Usage

Choosing makeup when you have acne can be confusing. Before you go shopping, know the quality of product is key for right makeup. From makeup expert posts, the idea that moisturizers are dangerous for pimple-prone skin type. People with acne treat them as the plague. However, to reduce oily shine and smooth out skin texture you really need a tinted moisturizer. A good moisturizer helps you avoid unsightly drying and peeling. Keep in mind choose these non-comedogenic moisturizers instead of the product contain cocoa butter or cold cream.

Another important thing when you’re shopping for makeup is natural. Picking the right color is crucial. Choose a sheer coverage foundation to let your natural skin tone shine through. Make sure that the chosen foundation is designed to match your skin’s color or type. High quality products offer natural coverage for a full day.

Choose the type of foundations according to the area and the purpose for which you’ll be using it. Some foundations are created specifically to fight acne. But some foundations contain specific chemicals that can be harsh on skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. The ideal foundations keep skin healthier and more free from breakouts.

Wooden Accessories You Can Buy and DIY

We’re loving the resurgence of natural materials on the style front. Wooden accessories are becoming more and more popular in different types of industries because of the sustainability. These cute wooden accessories come with elegant but unique design that has already became a huge part of the fashion industry. Additionally, wood is more eco-conscious material to create your own masterpiece.

Check out these 5 cool and fashionable accessories that can spice up your style.

Wooden Bow Ties

Wooden Bow Ties
A bow tie can be a perfect handmade Christmas presents for the important guys in your life, especially for Father’s Day! There is no surprise that people use wood to make these traditional men’s fashion accessories. What you need just a best sliding compound miter saw and a piece of soft wood, you can find many in-depth tutorials online.

Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses
Unique individuals need unique products to showcase their own personal style. I made my first wooden sunglasses 4 years ago. I developed a new design and it work very well. As compared with other types of sunglasses, wood is both strong and beautiful, a fantastic alternative to build your personal sunglasses. Of course, there are many small companies making wooden sunglasses for you. In most case, they are expensive and have limited styles.

Hair Barrette

Hair Barrette
The days of boring hair are officially over. Women are always hacking different things into headbands. You will be inspired by this amazing natural wood grain pattern of this hairfork. As a huge fan of DIYers, you can use scrap wood to make them yourself. Another simple version can be made for almost nothing using twigs you find lying around.

Wooden cufflinks

Wooden cufflink
One of our favorite things about the accessories we make is wooden cufflinks. What you wear is an expression of who you are. For example, if people really love music, a pair of wooden cufflinks still look classy. Make a bold fashion statement with handcrafted quality wood cufflinks.

Wooden Ring

Wooden Ring
Do you guys love watching New Yankee Workshop? My favorite project was always those created a wooden ring. After all, jewelry might be an amazing way to win over the love. And this is a simple project doesn’t need more tools. In fact, all you need is some hand tools, include a knife, sandpaper and some tape. For experienced woodworkers, it’s easier than you thought. Check out this detailed guide on wolfandiron.

Rock Your Winter Style with Fun Fleecewear

When winter comes around, it is very easy to let the dreary weather and the dull sky get to you. It can be hard to get excited about anything when you are staring out at the gray all the time, so you need to consider what your options are when it comes to brightening things up. This is where bright, fun and fantastic fleece prints come in, and if you are looking for something a little different, you need to see what fleece can do for you.


Fleece Jackets
If you are looking for a warm garment that will take you through the winter months, you should consider picking up a fleece jacket. Fleece fabric is a material that is intended to keep you warm even when the temperatures drop, and a jacket made of this material allows you to do some fairly extensive layering. While you can of course pick a fleece jacket in plain colors, why not choose something that reflects the holiday season? You can choose a jacket that has some gorgeous winter skies on it, or you might choose a fun one that has lots of festive candy canes all over it!

Fleece Mittens
When you are out and about this winter season, remember that you need to keep your extremities warm as well. This is why fleece mittens are such a popular item as soon as the weather turns. The nice thing about fleece mittens is that they come in every length. They can be long enough to stretch over your coat sleeves or they can be short and tuck into your coat sleeves. This versatility means that there will always be a pair that matches your needs in the winter.

Fleece Caps
While it is not true that most of the heat in your body escapes through your head, it is absolutely worth noting that a bare head during the winter can leave you feeling quite chilled and cold. When you want something warm as well as fun, consider a fleece cap. There are many different types of fleece hats to choose from, but you’ll find that a fleece cap in the shape of a Santa cap can be perfect for the holidays. You’ll also find great caps in a variety of patterns that are perfect for the winter, including snowflakes, snowy countryside scenes and holiday ornaments.

If you are someone who is deeply invested in making sure that you spend the holidays comfortable and colorful, think about all of the fleece goods you can add to your wardrobe.

Look Stylish Wearing Nixon Watches

Do you want to look stylish and fashionable? Do you like to keep pace with the modern times and dress up in the most advanced manner? Along with the dress which you wear you should also focus on the accessories. Watches, belts, sunglasses are three significant accessories which you always take care of. Watches play an important role and you look stylish if you wear fashionable watches. Nowadays you need not rush to shopping malls to buy watches. You can get them online. You only need to click the mouse of your computer and order your desired watches.

This article gives a list of fashionable watches which you can get online. These watches also serve as best birthday presents for your loved ones, as they definitely will get excited when they open the gift wrap and get to see beautiful and exotic watches in front of them. With the advent of technology different watches have been invented. You may buy analogue wrist watches, digital wrist watches or analogue digital wrist watches. Following are some Nixon watches which you can buy or gift to your near and dear ones.

Sentry Leather – Black/Saddle – It is a superb looking watch and very fashionable. You will obviously look stylish when you wear this watch. It is a 100 meter stainless steel watch and the leather is also very beautiful. It is a 3 hand quartz watch which shows date and time. The stainless steel is embedded with hardened crystal and triple enamel. The band is imported and is absolute grain leather. The watch either comes in black or saddle color.

Time Teller All Black –It is another fashionable watch which is fully black in color. It is very sophisticated looking. The band is 20 mm wide and has a single locking system. You can buy it online and gift it to your friend on his or her birthday.

42-20 Chrono – Sea foam –It is another stylish watch which is especially meant for girls. If you like mountaineering, this watch serves the purpose best and you can even wear it under water as it is fully water resistant.Therefore, buy Nixon watches online and give yourself a sophisticated look.

Top 5 Most Stylish Women in Sports

Is it possible for sports and fashion to go together? Well, these lovely young ladies will show you that it definitely is!

Maria Sharapova – This lovely young Russian is simply addicted to fashion and is as famous for her performance on the court as her appearances on the red carpet. She loves posing for the camera and has appeared on countless fashion magazine covers. But what’s most interesting about this grand slam tennis player is her being intimately involved in the design process of the clothes she wears. In fact, she often comes up with sketches of her own design ideas. If there is one woman in sports who has a legendary fashion sense, it certainly is Maria.

Danica Patrick – Danica has two sides to her; When she’s not busy winning races, she’s out there in the red carpet winning the hearts of fans with her remarkable fashion sense. She says being able to drive race cars and to get clothes from designers and get her hair and makeup done is a win-win for her. She’s fallen toward Gucci and Alexander McQueen just recently.

Blanka Vasic – This top performer is among the female high-jumpers who have raised the bar for fashion. Blanka is truly a fashion victim, and you can see her sense of fashion even when she’s competing. She’s been featured in several fashion magazines before, but just a few months ago, she was seen on the cover of the May 2012 issue of Elle Magazine in Croatia.

Serena Williams – Another Tennis Grand Slam Titlist on the list is Serena Williams. Serena has been known to be a style champion on and off the court, but what makes her a true fashion winner is the fact that she has two clothing lines to her name. Serena has a fiery passion for fashion, and according to her, one of her goals for the future is to try to build a fashion house that is as successful as Versace and Armani.

Jessica Ennis – Jessica recently won her 1st Heptathlon gold medal in the August Olympics, and that, thanks to her dedication and hard work in spending six days a week training for the big event. But aside from that, she also won this number one spot for being one of the most stylish women in the world of sports. When she’s not on her sports outfit, Jessica definitely loves being feminine and pays special attention to her looks. She has been featured on the cover of English fashion magazine PODIUM and has been seen lately donning a coral pink Alexander McQueen dress paired with a black belt and ladylike high heels. According to her, she’s looking forward to going on a shopping extravaganza to celebrate her win. A real lady, indeed.